About Absolute

The Absolute is currently the most talked of Real Estate phenomenon in Mississauga, Canada. The couple towers are 2 of the 5 luxurious condos, built by Ontario builders, Fernbrook Homes, in partnership with Toronto Developers Cityzen Development Group. All the 5 condos are astounding as far as architectural designs are concerned, with Absoluteworld I and Absoluteworld II holding the supreme wands of appreciation. It is fascinating as to how the design of these lavish Mississauga condos was finalized. It actually clicked in with the idea of a world-wide architectural design competition, involving as many as 70 countries, including China, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Egypt, France, Germany, India, Mexico and others, participating to show off their creative talent. The project was finally won by MAD studio, that hired Burka Architects as a local partner. The design became so popular, that now, in place of just one twisted and curved building, it was planned to have 2 of the same kind. 

The entire construction was completed in phases, where the couple towers were the 4th and 5th to get completed and now, they are ready for sale! Giving a brief overview about the supermodels of modern architecture:

50 Absolute: 60 Absolute:
This was the first in the list as far as designing is concerned. It was in the summers of 2007 that the practical construction begun. Since the tower resembled a posing Marlyn Monroe, it came to be locally called the Marlyn Monroe Tower. Come 2012, the tower got completed and the units were out for sale. There are 56 odd floors, counting as many as 430 units, featuring stunning luxury and high-endedness and 6 distinct underground parking levels. The floor plans for all the 2 bedroom apartments are separate, a large, spacious balcony being included in all the floor plans. Currently, many of the units have already been booked in and the remaining ones have been listed for condo sales purposes.
Absoluteworld II was constructed simultaneously with the Absoluteworld I. Where Absoluteworld I is 56 storeyed, the 2nd of the couple is a bit shorter, it is 50 storeyed. Accordingly, the count of units is also lesser than that of Absoluteworld !. The 2nd building features a club on the 48th floor. There are 6 operating elevators, functioning in each of the sister towers.

Both these buildings display and amazing play of curves. Both of them turn 209 degrees as it rises from the ground and heads the sky. Apart from the sheer stunning shape of the buildings, another factor that has helped attract a lot of attention towards these Mississaugan condos is the fact that due to the unique architectural format, all the units are exposed to abundant sunlight and wind. This ensures that no matter whichever condo unit you buy, you would be entitled to a flood of natural wind and light.Currently, they are the hottest names as far as condos for sale in Mississauga are concerned.

Besides these 2 prime points of interest for Real Estate investors in Mississauga, there are 3 complimentary buildings in the Absolute project. These buildings also accommodate spacious 2 bedroom apartments with balconies.