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Welcome to Absolute Tower Condos

Architecture and earth framing have reached startling heights on the canvas, but not many places have seen this beauty reflect on actual geography for people to walk in and start residing. What you are going to be introduced to, is an absolute wonder as far as architectural projections and progress are concerned. Be prepared to face an extreme urge to purchase a unit in these Mississauga condos!

The Absolute Towers are a part of a 5-tower condominium project, the Absolute, in the city of Mississauga, fitted right between North-East corners of the Hurontario Street and Burnhamthorpe Road. Out of the 5 towers, all connecting to a 30.000 sq ft club amenities building, it is the Absoluteworld I and Absoluteworld II that hold the maximum attention. The thing that makes these 2 glass and steel luxury buildings so popular, is the fact that their architectural map has been inspired from a standing posture of the famous Marlyn Monroe. So you can expect a large number of luscious twists and curves throughout the two tower, and that is exactly what it is like.

It is not just the bare shape that would invite you to own a part of this wonder for yourself! The Absolute world features a huge display of convenient amenities, clubs and recreation centers that could keep you gazing for hours! The construction is almost complete and the units at these condo sets are available for sales.


Absolute World is the place to be right in the heart of the city. This 56 storey lavish building overlooks Square One Shopping Center and acres of parkland for those casual strolls in the exquisites summer evenings in Mississauga. All Absolute World club members are given exclusive access to the complete three-storey lifestyle recreation & exercise centre with over 30,000 sq.ft of amenities space. The Absolute Vision is a lifestyle project, an expertly planned residential community containing Five Magnificent Towers, Townhome Lofts, Gated Entries and a Landscaped Central Piazza. The new tower, Absolute World 2, will be a companion to The Absolute World 1, dubbed Marilyn Monroe by critics for its sensuous, curving design.


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